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Alfalfa's mission is to make caring for plants easy; they believe everyone can be a plant parent
branding, marketing materials, UI/UX concept


The brand vision was to have a friendly, yet established presence. Much like a plant, they wanted to feel beautiful, comforting & warm. They embrace organic form and understand that you can't always have control over how things grow.

promotional materials

Among their plant store and online platform, they make no-brainer, super concentrated fertilizers that are designed to mix with the ratio of your standard watering cans (no measuring cups!) as well as a handfull of guidebooks for various types of flora.

UI/UX design

As nice as a book can be, they understand that not everyone can have one on hand. Alfalfa wanted to design an e-commerce platform with a guidebook built-in. For the plants they carry, they offer detailed care instructions, what types of households/geographic locations are appropriate, and offer a list of plants with similar care so you can build your plant collection.