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blush lingerie
blush is a montreal based lingerie company that strives for inclusivity and empowerment.
art direction, design, video editing, retouching, shooting supporting imagery, marketing direction

UI/UX design prototype

The original Blush e-commerce site was born in 2014, but featured a basic build and dated design. We wanted to bring the brand into the modern day by featuring a new airy design that was easy to navigate, pleasing to the eye and featured interesting elements. The goal was to make it feel like you're browsing an interactive editorial, high-lighting large imagery and engaging video.

This prototype's goal was to showcase seamless shopping with a focus on minimizing page loads and perfecting the "quick view" aspect of the shopping experience.

After doing market research, we learned that lingerie shoppers are very specific about what they will wear and often don't deviate from styles they like. We wanted to create a filtering system that could easily generate a tailored experience for each customer, allowing them to choose to see only specific styles, sizes and colours.

divine feminine (ss19 collection)

about the campaign

These images explore the idea behind "the divine feminine", playing with bodies and how they transform into different shapes. The collection celebrates sensuality in a unique way; a much-needed wave of authenticity in a world where women are too often considered only as objects of desire.

fw19-ss20 collections

about the campaign

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the basics collection

"The Basics" collection is considered to be at the heart of the brand. the building block product to all fashion garments that follow, blush wanted to create the perfect basics; a high quality product with timeless, yet effective design, at an affordable price point.

the cotton

In a world where inclusive basics come in a wide range of skin-tones, "The Cotton" collection wanted to focus on the idea that basics don't have to be so 'basic'. We tested each colour until we got the perfect shade that paired beautifully with all skin tones. The campaign explored the idea that basics can have personality all while being minimal and functional.

main collection

The idea was to focus on the sensuality of bodies and their curves, creating images that were meant to make women feel empowered by their sexuality, not defined by it.

isabella collection

about the collab

In collaboration with isabella forget, a local montreal mondel & influencer, Blush wanted to take a first step into the world of curvy sizing. This capsule collection featured reversible pieces, with the intent to give curvy bodies garments that were as fashionable as "normal" sizing.

blush lingerie circa 2016

When I first began working on the brand, it was in a very different place than it is today. Victoria's Secret was the forefront in lingerie, and so, Blush boasted a similar aesthetic with a pin-up flare.

The initial task was defining a new direction for the image of the brand. We wanted to take an edgier, fashion-forward approach that catered to the modern woman— not the “male gaze” oriented marketing that we were all so used to. Blush's values were focused on empowering people through their sexuality, and we wanted to reflect that in everything we did.

Revamping the brand was a slow grind; we knew that in the process, Blush had to sacrifice the existing customer base in order to pave way for the future of the brand. Along with everything else, the product needed to match this modern set of new values and aesthetic. This is why we slowly implemented changes over the span of several years to ease into the new brand image while building the new customer base.

original imagery

original site design